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Silver Wakes Up

Daily Rap 05-15-2020

The market was modestly weaker early on, the proximate cause being renewed trade tensions between Trump and China, as well as threats regarding Huawei once again. (I don't think any of today's ugly economic statistics had much to do with the trading.) However, the initial selling didn't last long or do much damage before a rally was underway, led by the Nasdaq, which ended up roughly 0.75% higher on the day.

Away from stocks, green paper was a little weaker, as was fixed income, while the metals were higher. Silver finally did what silver does -- i.e., explode -- as it gained almost 5%, with gold tacking on 0.75%.

Hot Wired As I have noted in Ask Fleck and a couple of Market Rap columns, recently silver has been behaving better and better and I have felt...more

Last year's posts for Ask Fleck

Q: For those who may not have seen it, the link to Stanley Druckenmiller's recent webinar with the ECNY recently that was widely quoted from in the media.

ECNY Events - Stanley Druckenmiller

Fleck: Thanks, it's excellent.
(posted: 5/15/2020)

Q: Here’s the full Druck talk...

ECNY Events - Stanley Druckenmiller

Fleck: This is a great interview with Stan.
(posted: 5/15/2020)

Q: I am an executor who is charged with delivering physical precious metals to out of town beneficiaries. How does one do this? UPS and buy insurance? Thanks,

Fleck: Post office and insurance will work.
(posted: 5/15/2020)

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