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The Rally Keeps on Grinding

Daily Rap 02-01-2022

After spending the morning chopping around on both sides of unchanged, that's about where the indices were at midday. In the afternoon though the market gained strength finishing about 0.75% higher.

Away from stocks, green paper was a little weaker, fixed income was not too heavy, except at the long end. Meanwhile, the metals experienced a small bounce, and the miners had a modest up day.

Time to Throw Its Weight Around GLD took in more tonnes yesterday and it's beginning to look a bit like a pattern, with a decent amount of metal taken in over the last nine trading sessions. This roughly coincides with a Goldman Sachs buy report on gold where they discuss their price target of $2,200 and change. Of course, that report came out just before...more

Last year's posts for Ask Fleck

Q: Great 1/31 rap, thank you, your experience is invaluable!

Fleck: Glad it helped.
(posted: 2/1/2022)

Q: ...having Joe Rogan and Neil Young move a $35 billion stock by 11% is like having Homer Simpson and The Banana Splits move a stock by over $3 billion...we must be near the end of the current insanity...

Fleck: I think the stock market action was the real driver. I doubt Neil had much impact.
(posted: 2/1/2022)

Q: So I get that you "hate those ETFs, they are full of loads of garbage.", {1/28/22 AF} referring to GDX & GDXJ. Have you ever considered creating your own unofficial index of your top 8 to X names? You can call it the: Gold Fleck Index ==> GFLKX

Fleck: That's clever, but I would never want to manage an ETF.
(posted: 2/1/2022)

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