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30 Years Ago Today the Market Crashed, and It Will Again!

Daily Rap 10-19-2017

Last night a news story broke indicating that Apple had to cut orders to its suppliers as much as 50% because the Apple 8 was not selling well. Of course, that should not be surprising to anyone who has been paying attention. I myself have discussed the fact that the Apple 8 was an air ball upon its release, as there has been little demand for it. The bulls have tried to suggest that Apple 8 demand is as poor as it is because everyone is waiting for the Apple X, which is obviously a rationalization, and, oh, by the way, they are having trouble producing the X.

They're Soaking In It The fact of the matter is that we have saturation in cell phones of all types. Apple is running into that problem itself and can't...more

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Q: IBM is the perfect example for this time-falling revenues for 22 strait quarters but they promise it will change and up it goes over 8% and is a big help with pushing up the DOW. Too scary to go long,too dangerous to go short.

It does feel like it will never end-and when it does it will be really bad. I guess it is different this time-can't find anything like this in the history books. All there is to do is wait until faith is lost at last in the Central Banks.

Fleck: There is nothing like this in the history books. Massive money printing has never been done before.
(posted: 10/19/2017)

Q: Hey Bill,

GG is hanging in there pretty well.

I think they probably report a good quarter next week.

There could be a nice pop condidering the pervasive "animal spirits".

Fleck: They will report good quarters, I think. How much that will matter is what is key.
(posted: 10/19/2017)

Q: Bill, is Jeff Suat som one you would listen to? He is saying we are in a secular bull that will last another 7-8 years.

Fleck: He has been very right, but I would say that prediction is absurd. It means QE and QT, should it actually be implemented, are both bullish. That is ridiculous.
(posted: 10/19/2017)

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