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Reversal: Will It Matter?

Daily Rap 01-16-2018

The equity market blasted off as soon as the casino -- I mean stock exchanges -- opened for business. It took all of half an hour to see the market gain 0.75%, with the Dow leading the charge higher -- that despite the fact that Dow component GE is still suffering the ill effects of the Jack Welch era, where they made the number about 875 times in a row within a penny, mostly thanks to flexible accounting in the financial products arena.

Introducing the "Make-Up" Rally In any case, there was no news to account for the wilding, other than the fact that U.S. markets weren't open yesterday and perhaps they felt they had some catching up to do. In other words, given the way the mania is right now, the market would have "obviously" been higher if...more

Last year's posts for Ask Fleck

Q: To the reader asking about self-directed IRAs. I’m the CEO of a private REIT and myself and many of my shareholders have used RealTrust IRA Alternatives for years with good results. Also Entrust is a national franchise that some of my shareholders have had a good experience with. As for valulting, highly recommend Toqueville Bullion Reserve. A much easier, more robust solution for your self directed IRA.

Fleck: Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.
(posted: 1/15/2018)

Q: Hi Bill,

Hope you are well. Don't know if you saw this or if someone had sent it in already. Erik Townsend has a decent write up on blockchain vs cryptocurrency.

Blockchain Debunked: Why one of the most-important technological breakthroughs of all time was never suitable beyond use as a proof-of-concept prototype

Fleck: Hadn't seen it.
(posted: 1/15/2018)

Q: Bill, my takeaway from your conversation last week with Mr. Skin is that neither of you is locked into a certain perspective. Rather, both of you are willing to be educated by the facts. That's an ongoing issue for me, having donated lots of cash over the years by holding too tight to an idea. That's why I'm glad to have overheard your conversation. Thanks.

Fleck: Yes, that's a good summation. Glad it helped.
(posted: 1/15/2018)

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