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Bad News from Tech World Taken In Stride (For Now)

Daily Rap 04-20-2023

Last night's tech earnings were largely worse than expected (particularly the guidance), but the market put on a brave face, as the losses in the indices were only about 0.5% during the first couple of hours, with the tech companies that had bad news rallying.

To cite two examples, last night, Lam Research lowered its guidance considerably and this morning Taiwan Semiconductor did as well. However, both of those stocks rallied and that seemed to hold the tech complex together, even as F5 joined CDW in illuminating that demand from Corporate America for enterprise hardware and software is clearly in retreat. At this point we have a pretty good-sized list of disappointments in the corporate world when you add in prior news...more

Last year's posts for Ask Fleck

Q: no question but a thank you to the fleckster who provided some links to copper resources yesterday. i just wanted a few legitimate links so i can start my own due diligence without wasting too much time. once again flecksters are an invaluable resource of information and knowledge!

Fleck: We are lucky to have smart and friendly readers.
(posted: 4/19/2023)

Q: Re. the reader who asked a question about a year-old "Ask Fleck" and you commented that it often happens. This happens (to me at any rate) if I have not read your daily letter for a little while (a week, maybe). When I click on the link in the daily email, it takes me to a Daily Rap from a year ago. I had been puzzled about some comments until I realized what was happening. Just FYI.

Fleck: If you aren't logged in then you get the old stuff, and there is red ink at the top of the page explaining exactly that, FWIW. [If you do anything that deletes your web browser cache, that will certainly prevent your browser from "remembering" you the next time you visit the site and you will need to log in again. - Ed.]
(posted: 4/19/2023)

Q: I have a general mortgage question ( relates to my specfic case… I took out a 15 year mortgage few years back at 1.99% interest). So generally, on mortgages is there any way to pay it off but at the market value of the bond. I.e. is there a mechanism to buy back my specific mortgage at market price since i assume the market value of this mortgage is much lower that if i paid off my loan in full.

Fleck: Nope, there is no way that I know of to do that.
(posted: 4/19/2023)

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