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Frequently Asked Account Questions

Q: Will my subscription be renewed automatically?

A: Yes, your credit card will be charged each year on the renewal date. Some older accounts may be renewed every 6 months.

Q: How can I determine when my subscription is due for renewal?

A: Account-status information is available by clicking on the "My Account" link located on the upper right side corner of the home page. You will see information regarding your account, including the next renewal date.

Q: How can I change my account from monthly to yearly?

A: Send an email to support. With your request; please include your username. You will be charged for the yearly subscription on your next billing date. Allow 1-2 business days for the change to be reflected in your account settings.

Q: How do I cancel my subscription?

A: To cancel, click the "My Account" link in the upper right corner of the home page. Click the "Cancel" link that appears, and fill out the form. Please review the subscription policy at the bottom of this page.

Q: Does my subscription end the day I cancel?

A: If you cancel, your subscription will end on your next renewal date.

Q: What is your subscription policy?

A: Authorization:
By requesting a subscription and by accepting the benefits of the subscription, you agree that as a condition of your subscription you authorize Fleckenstein Capital or its agent to charge the applicable membership fee to the Payment Card on the anniversary date of purchase for each consecutive renewal date until your subscription is canceled. This continuing charge authorization shall be equivalent to individual signatures by the subscriber on subsequent Payment Card charges or “signature on file” transactions. You will not be provided with copies of charge slips evidencing the recurring charges of the applicable subscription fee.

Expiration of Payment Card or Other Refusal of Charges:
If the Payment Card is no longer valid, has expired, or for any reason will not accept charges for subsequent subscription fees, you have a period of 7 days from the date that your Payment Card was declined to update your credit card information under "My Account".

Cancellation by You:
The initial subscription is valid for a subscription period starting on the date of purchase and continuing through the same day of the following month, 6 months or year, depending on the type of subscription.

For example, if on June 18, 2013 you purchased a yearly subscription, your initial subscription fee entitles you to subscription benefits until June 18, 2014 and your Payment Card will be charged again on June 18, 2014 for the next year.

You can cancel your subscription at any time by going to "My Account" > "Cancel Subscription" and your subscription will not be renewed.

There are no refunds for any months (or portions thereof) already billed or paid for. For example, if your purchase anniversary date is Oct. 5, and you cancel your Subscription on Oct. 20, your subscription will remain active until Oct. 5 of the following year and will not be renewed again.

Q: How do I change or update my credit-card information for the next billing?

A: To update your credit-card information, click on the "My Account" link near the top right-hand side of the page. Next, click on "Credit Card” and fill out the form.

Q: How is my credit card information stored?

A: At your bank. fleckensteincapital.com does not keep subscriber credit card information nor does out payment gateway, PayPal.

Q: I cannot or choose not to pay by credit card any more. Can I pay by check?

A: Yes, we can sign you up for one year at a time. Please include your user name and email address on your check.The cost is $130 a year. Send your check or money order in that amount to:

Fleckenstein Capital
815 Hillside Drive E
Seattle, WA 98112

Q: What are cookies and why do I need them?

A: A "cookie" is a small text file, written by your browser to your hard disk. This file cannot do any damage to your system. Some Web sites program their server to track your visits there. Fleckensteincapital.com DOES NOT use cookies for this purpose. We use cookies to allow our subscribers access to the site without having to log in each time. The only thing that a fleckensteincapital.com cookie remembers or tracks is your user name and password. Cookies must be enabled on your system in order to access fleckensteincapital.com