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Q: ..."Biden says surge in hiring shows his economic plan is working"..well per his reasoning I would recommend that the next Republican elected President should, upon his inauguration, immediately close every business for 2 weeks, re-open them on February 1st and then pat himself on the back for creating over 100 million jobs...

Q: Hi Bill,

Well MSA sure called it yesterday!

What inning, of this pull back, do you believe we are in?


Q: Bill,

I am terrible at short term options. Less than 90 days and I just do not have the right mindset. LEAPS sometimes make sense to me but I have usually done best with those when I buy in times where I do not even want to look at my accounts (like today). Of course, things may get even worse. But hard to think that stocks like EQX won't be worth more than $8.80 sometime in the next 17 months (by Jan'23).

Q: Russell Napier asserted that gold could/would do well under a regime of financial repression when it finally decouples from interest rates. Are you expecting better results once the FED finally tapers, unsuccessfully? What do you think needs to occur for gold to quit acting like a zero coupon 50 year bond?

Q: Dear Bill, no questions this time.

I just want to thank you for your service and for your good work. I am grateful to you that you constantly avoid being my personal financial adviser. I consider worth every penny the subscription I pay to you for your commentary and answers to questions. I consider you an informed opinion maker and commentator on the specific subject of precious metals. And I am glad that you never attempt to portray yourself as a prognosticator or a magician. I never listened to folks like Jean Dixon when I was in my youth, though there seems to be a plethora of palm readers where I live near D.C. shaking my head when driving pass them. One caveat, I appreciate that you demonstrably care that your readers don't lose money though that is part of the show (the U.S. economy and the stock market) and that everything is included in the price of admission. You suggested to me not long ago that perhaps I should pull back if I felt worried. I am greatly worried not about me but about my country. I think autocracy is bad for us all. But I am doing fine. I keep buying just a couple gold miner stocks regularly. I keep holding the others, most of them you yourself like a lot. I am selling nothing! And I will always be long the United States of America!