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Q: Please delete my comment on twrff Tower Resources. The stock was up yesterday based on an announcement of better than expected drilling results. While there is a rumor that they are an acquisition target it is only a rumor.

Q: Hi Bill:
Do you still own some PureCycle (PCT)? Looking for entry but this is a straight collapse from about 9 to 6 and falling hard mid-day today. Seems to be technical support around 5.

Q: I'm not saying I agree or disagree; I just want to understand. I'm probably missing the obvious, so please explain. Today you wrote that to some extent the bond market "has... taken the printing press away from the Fed" insofar as it has declined continuously since inflation became obvious. But the Fed has been raising rates since then, no? So why is the alternate interpretation, that the market is just reacting to what it thinks the Fed will do, is not just as valid? In other words, what is the evidence that makes your interpretation more valid than the latter? Thanks.

Q: Hi Bill --

Came across this quote from the late, great David Graeber and thought you might like it:

"Mainstream economists nowadays might not be particularly good at predicting financial crashes, facilitating general prosperity, or coming up with models for preventing climate change, but when it comes to establishing themselves in positions of intellectual authority, unaffected by such failings, their success is unparalleled. One would have to look at the history of religions to find anything like it."

Thanks for all the good work & cheers --