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Q: Hi Bill ,
Do you think the Basel III accord will affect the gold market in a positive way, and lift the 'baseline' market price into the $2000 USD price range ? And, would this be a sustainable price increase ? The Basel III accord would supposedly prevent, or limit, the multiple-layers of leasing physical gold at many multiples ( per available hard asset ounces ) to multiple buyers . . .

Q: This article in the New York times is about how Powell during the the market meltdown of March 2020 consulted with the head of BlackRock numerous times.

The information in this article speaks for itself in so many different ways about who is running the game. And it reinforces the idea that these people will let the house burn for the stock market. That is indisputable.

Top U.S. Officials Consulted With BlackRock as Markets Melted Down

Q: Wells Fargo studies how various asset classes did during inflationary periods, get this... since 2000. 2000! Is that considered thorough research these days?

Wells Fargo: Here's The Best Asset To Own When Inflation Strikes

Q: Bill, I think a majority of the readers on here would agree that gold’s response thus far to the monetary and fiscal currents has been mostly underwhelming. I am curious to know how you are assessing the situation – is gold’s time yet to come or do you think anything has fundamentally changed with how people are investing in relation to inflation?

Q: "Please take a look at NFGFF and give us your thoughts. Eric Sprott believes it could be another grade mine like KL's Fosterville.
Fleck: I don't know it, but a friend that is much better at geology than I ever will be thinks it is way overvalued."

Through my various scanning, it seems certain companies drilling with great results in the same area are priced much cheaper - you may want to explore those. "Scanning" as in high-level and no due diligence or detailed analytic work. Sprott owns several in the areas - some are way cheaper / potentially better value. For whatever it is worth, if I was to choose where to start researching: Sokoman Minerals Corp. But again, this is just from high-level scanning. You may just want a basket in that area including the grand daddy you mentioned.

Hope that helps.

Q: Hi Fleck, I know there's a blockade at Los Filos causing the selloff in the stock--I didnt mean to ask you to explain why the stock was dropping; I guess a better way to phrase my question was do you think the selling is proportionately justified to this event or is it typical irrational selling that we've witnessed in the mining sector all these years? I was asking because the stock fell so far so fast, it was a little shocking to see how badly they sold it off.