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Q: Guess what sector had the most insider buying in the last 3 months, Gold! Out of the 3,649 buys, 257 were in the gold and silver stocks. Next best was producer manufacturing with 158 buyers.

Q: As former Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli once said: “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

Something you do not see every day. Mexico at 7.5% has a lower inflation rate than the U.S. at 8.5% As do many of the other countries around the world. I guess that is what $5 trillion in COVID spending will get you.

Inflation Rate - By Country

Q: Evil genius, just evil, a do-gooder willing to use human beings as guinea pigs to demonstrate the fact that the road to hell is paved with good intentions, or just your typical imperious megalomaniac?

Vaccinate the world in six months

Q: "Q: I thought you were done with the virus discussion. I am tired of it.
Can we get back to the nonsense of our so called free markets?"

My pet peeve are people that can't just not read something and would prefer that others can't make their own decision wether to read it.

Thank you for posting any info someone might decide they want to read.

Thanks again for your great service.

Q: I don't see any current discussion from all the usual talking heads and industry news outlets, but awhile back there was talk that CLO's would be the next CDO's of the '08 debacle. It just seems to me that with over a decade of QE/Fed intervention and money largesse in general sloshing around that there has got to be a lot of questionable loan activity on the books.
Do you give any degree of credence to this CLO assertion?

Q: The Federal Funds Rate is currently 1% which is historically low and way too low to fight inflation.
My question is how high do you think the fed funds rate goes in the current cycle before Powell pivots because we will be in recession.
if you don’t have an opinion, What does consensus think.

Q: Will there ever be a point after all the dust settles 5,10, 20 years that you would ever consider going long US treasuries? And not for just a short term trade.
Or does the level of govt debt and future unfunded liabilities (Medicare, social security) make US treasuries a no touch for the rest of our lives.

A friend put all of their net worth into US treasuries when they were yielding 15% in the 1980’s and they just lived off the dividends for ~30 years until the matured.

Q: I didn't know it was required to get an MD to ask doctors questions and compare the data to what they said. Being a doctor has nothing to do with anything. In fact, when I see one of these Doctors(TM) like Leana Wen on CNN - a "doctor" that pushed for lockdowns for 2 years- I do the opposite of what they say. Naomi is a journalist. She is asking questions and getting answers. She is a liberal that is not a leftist and that pisses them off. Please continue what you're doing.

Second generation Fleck reader

Q: I don’t post many questions or comments but thanks for all the topics you cover in ask fleck … including COVID and COVID complaints… I find it all interesting and even helpful.

Q: More Twain wisdom:

It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so.
-Mark Twain

Q: From Zero Hedge:
The mint sold 147,000 ounces of American Gold Eagles in varying denominations totaling 200,500 coins. That was a 67% increase from March.

So far this year, the US Mint has sold 661,500 ounces of American Eagles. For the year, gold bullion demand is up a staggering 617%. When you factor out COVID-19-related sales disruptions, bullion sales are up 400% over the 5-year average between 2015 and 2019.