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Q: Hi Fleck,

Thanks to you, I have taken positions in AEM, KL, PAAS, EQXFF, WDO which have been doing great. Thank you! I am thinking adding some other miners, do you have a few other names you think are worth adding?

Q: I love the last paragraph of today's RAP related to keeping your money. I have a post it note on my monitor that tells me not to fight the last war. I always feel a sense of comfort when I read it, especially during those days I am making more money than I ever imagined I would! However, calling a ceasefire on the last war is a little harder than I thought it would be, I remain skeptical and cautious of this rally despite all the success. Interesting how the bear market challenges have been replaced by new challenges of equal magnitude.

Q: Bill: With your and Fred Hickey's help, I was able to get well positioned with long-term calls on AEM, KL and PVG early this year. And then joined MSA later when he offered the deal. (Thanks for the tip!) Michael Oliver's analyses gave me the confidence to speculate further in some smaller miners. Needless to say, I'm doing quite well and feeling a bit euphoric. That's ALWAYS a bad sign for me and has me wondering about a short-term top in the metals. MSA has been terrific in making the call to get in early on this rally (or long-term bull, we hope). In your experience with him, how has he been on calling tradeable tops?
Many thanks for all your help from an old SI reader.

Q: Hello Mr. GOLD......stein,
Regarding the lagging gold stocks, I think the seasonal factor plays a role here. (Sell in May and go away)
Who expected the BULL to start for real in June or July? Also, those with any prior positions keep cashing in any gains waiting to see what happens next. The hardest thing is to sit according to the Great Livermore. I wish you will be acclaimed in similar fashion in a short while, like 1-2 years. :-) I am about to move from Ontario to Portugal for good. I want to be just a spectator.

Warmest greetings.

Q: Hi Bill,

Are the protests in Turkey general or specific to miners or specific to only AGI?


Q: Fleck,
May I make a kind request to your readers and ask all to be humble now. I remember back in 2011 when I got into Gold I thought i was the smartest person in the world, and gold was going to 3000, and my mining stocks were going to double in a year, etc. I bragged about it. 8 years later, I have been humbled. I also wish very much this is the turning point and we all now see our investments go up. But let's all be humble about it - and realize that its possible this is not the time and it can ll go back down again in a nanosecond.

Q: bill,
I've been a reader of the Daily Rap since 2001. Have benefited greatly from incorporating your ideas into my outlook over the past 20 years, thank you. I've ridden the last four months up from PM investments left on table over the years. My question is: When do I deploy more resources into this PM market when its on a bull run like this? Do I wait for a pullback or just hop on the names (old and new) that I have held and are comfortable with. I have no idea where this market goes and whether it is a straight line up or if it will pull back, consolidate, shake our weak holders and perhaps offer another entry point for me? How do you hop on this raging bull? I'm in awe of its power.

Q: Hi Bill,

Caught a headline on AGI this morning about protests in Turkey. Just wondering if you saw anything that would make you want to trim that position at all? I have been recently adding to my position. What I saw was some quotes from the CEO saying that they weren't going to pollute the watershed but apparently there were also thousands of protesters that feel differently.


Q: Do you think that because of China's cost rising and manufacturing is leaving China that their support of their currency should be getting as much negative press as it has? What would happen if China just let the yuan float freely on the FX market? My thought is that the US Dollar could trend much higher and bring a different set of negatives to the global economy.

Q: Good Morning Bill, how are you viewing this latest bounce in the equity markets; is it looking like a bear market rally?