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Q: I found Stephanie Pomboy's interview fasinating. She implied that China may demand that the US repays its debt in hard currency, ie. Gold. Trump does a Nixon and declares Gold to be pegged at $100,000 an ounce. Problem solved. Am I totally off base?

Q: There are reports that PC sales are up due to everyone working from home due to shelter-in-place. Do you see this as a one time gain, so the semis will still be vulnerable later in the year?

Q: Hi Bill

Are you familiar with any of the management team at liberty gold? Do you have an opinion on the quality of the people there or their prospects for the future?


Q: I would like your specific comment regarding Steve Forbes opening in the current Forbes!?

Thank YOU!!

Q: For your reader who wants a headline to post on his wall, I have a suggestion: It's the screenshot of a certain carnival barker on Bubblevision that captures the Zeitgeist of our era better than anything:

"DOW's Best Week since 1938!" screams the headline.

The crawler at the bottom says:

"More than 16M Americans have lost jobs in last 3 weeks."

Unreal. But then again, it isn't. We live in an era of fraud.

A little search on the internet will turn up plenty of images for this.

Q: Dear Fleck: I know you do not follow PGMs closely. Do you have any recommendations for PGM based newsletters or analysts ?
I am trying to figure out what is going on with the price of Palladium. If palladium price = auto industry health, it should not have recovered, let alone approach it's highs of February. Unless there is QE for PGMs....

Q: Hi Fleck,

Sorry, my question should have been more clear. Do you think there is a possibility that the various countries where gold mines are located could either flood the market with gold or hold back on the production of gold, hence manipulating the price of gold? Forgive my ignorance, but I don't know if the countries, where gold mines are located, have anything to do with what gets sold on the market. Thanks.

Q: an article on Taleb's thoughts and data on Covid 19

Taleb: The Only Man Who Has A Clue

Q: Fleck

If we have a therapeutic fix for the virus, silver could outperform given its industrial use. Would you bet large on PAAS or maybe AGQ?