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IndexClose% Change
Dow Transports10947.55-0.21
Dow Utilities852.870.08
S&P 5003153.650.42
Nasdaq 1008444.710.7
Russel 20001632.460.51
VIX Index11.731.65
10 Year Gov't Yield1.771.48
Spot Gold1454.87-0.45
Spot Silver16.95-0.71
GDX-Gold Miners26.66-0.45
Crude Oil58.08-0.56
Dollar Index98.410.16
Euro Spot1.1-0.18
Japanese 10 Year-0.09-13.58
Shanghai SE2903.2-0.13
Long Bond 20-year160.12-0.29

M#4 Keeps the Tape Rolling


It was a mixed bag for the game of beat-the-number last night, but as we all know, any bad news is quarantined and thus irrelevant, so I won't discuss the details. The indices were sort of mixed at midday, with the Nasdaq up 0.5%, the Dow flat, and the S&P modestly higher. In the afternoon, the S&P and Nasdaq added to their early gains while the Dow didn't do much.

Away from stocks, green paper was a little stronger, fixed income was lower, and the metals lost 0.5% apiece.

Housekeeping There will be no Rap or Ask Fleck on Friday because the shortened holiday session certainly won't have any information in it, so there's no point commenting on it.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and sometime soon I'll be discussing my plans for matching donations to Roanoke Park Counseling, formerly known as Shepherd's Counseling Services.