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IndexClose% Change
Dow Transports12946.28-1.27
Dow Utilities861.091.15
S&P 5003768.25-0.72
Nasdaq 10012803.93-0.73
Russel 20002123.23-1.49
VIX Index24.023.31
10 Year Gov't Yield1.09-3.29
Spot Gold1825.78-1.13
Spot Silver24.71-3.18
GDX-Gold Miners34.51-3.09
Crude Oil52.18-2.59
Dollar Index90.770.58
Euro Spot1.21-0.63
Japanese 10 Year0.0317.86
Shanghai SE3566.380.01
Long Bond 20-year168.880.39

RPC Donations Set Another Record


The stock market was a sea of red for a change, with the indices off about 1% in the first couple of hours. From there they traded in a wide range and finished a little above the early lows.

Away from stocks, green paper was higher, as was fixed income, while the metals were thumped, with silver losing 3% and gold 1%. The miners were very heavy once again.

Dangerous Curves Behind On a related topic, Bitcoin was also aggressively lower. For what it's worth, my friend who had intended to sell it this week did so. Whether what we've just witnessed was the end of the parabola or not we really won't know until we see how it trades in the next couple of weeks -- not that it matters directly to anyone, but just in terms of general market education it's interesting to follow.

On the subject of the metals, they continue to have no friends, despite the obviousness of what's coming from a fiscal and monetary standpoint. For the moment, folks seem to be quite sanguine that everything is going to be just hunky-dory when that is essentially impossible.

Tally Ho! On a positive note, I would like to update everyone on the final numbers for Roanoke Park Counseling (formerly Shepherd's). It turns out there were a couple of checks in the mail that didn't get counted, so the actual total amount donated by readers is $68,669. This was a tremendous effort by everyone and Janice Palm, who is the executive director there, sent this thank you note for me to share with readers.

"From all of us at Roanoke Park Counseling, and most importantly, on behalf of the survivors who walk through our doors to find healing, our deepest thanks to all of you who so generously support our work. In this difficult and precarious year, your incredible kindness and record-setting contributions will truly make a life-changing difference in the lives of those who have experienced sexual abuse in childhood. Every day, we see the evidence of your support as survivors find their way to hopeful and more productive lives. Thank you so very much for coming together and opening your hearts to make this world a better place for survivors."