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Fleck's Thoughts
IndexClose% Change
Dow Transports14422.591.26
Dow Utilities930.551.24
S&P 5004429.130.6
Nasdaq 10015181.640.65
Russel 20002232.061.63
VIX Index17.29-3.78
10 Year Gov't Yield1.223.15
Spot Gold1804.79-0.38
Spot Silver25.16-0.88
GDX-Gold Miners34.26-1.5
Crude Oil69.211.56
Dollar Index92.25-0.02
Euro Spot1.18-0.02
Japanese 10 Year0.01-41.67
Shanghai SE3466.55-0.31
Long Bond 20-year165.62-0.34

Red, Black, or Green?


The indices were higher through midday, led by the Nasdaq, which tacked on about 0.75%. In the afternoon the market traded a bit higher, sending the S&P and Nasdaq to a new record close.

Tomorrow being non-farm payroll roulette day, there's some chance that the motion we saw in the outside markets was anticipating that. Then again, it could be just the noise that we're peppered with constantly. In any case, green paper was just a hair weaker, fixed income was pretty heavy, silver fell 1%, and gold lost about $6. Not surprisingly, the miners were weak as well.

For Whom the Bell 'nox In company-specific news, Equinox announced its results, which were slightly below expectations, although not drastically so. This was not all that surprising given the problems that they had at Los Filos. The stock was weak, although I don't know that the results had that much to do with the action, other than algos playing games. (At this moment in time, I happen to be flat EQX, although I am looking for a juncture to rebuild my position.)

Positions in stocks mentioned: none.