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Dow Transports9511.04-0.21
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Russel 20001423.14-0.26
VIX Index10.4-0.95
10 Year Gov't Yield2.190.16
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Spot Silver17.76-0.09
GDX-Gold Miners24.370.62
Crude Oil49.70.81
Dollar Index92.16-0.38
Euro Spot1.190.2
Japanese 10 Year0.0233.33
Shanghai SE3371.43-0.38
Long Bond 20-year155.160.22

Crypto Trash Crash


The market was slightly weaker through midday, with Apple still leaking a modest amount, but just like yesterday, that had no real consequences. Over the course of the day the Nasdaq leaked a little and with an hour to go, when I had to leave, it had lost 0.5%, while the Dow/S&P basically flatlined.

Away from stocks, green paper was stronger again, oil gained 1%-plus as it flirted with the $50 level, fixed income was heavier, and the metals were back and forth around unchanged with small changes.

Taking Out the Garbage As was the case yesterday, crypto-land was the scene of a "crash," with nearly all of the currency wannabes off 15% to 25%. The proximate cause for today's debacle appeared to be the fact that BTC China, which is the second-largest exchange there, said it was going to halt all trading on Sept. 30. My guess is that is not the last we've heard regarding crypto-land trading restrictions emanating from China, meanwhile they still have a long way to go on the downside.

Housekeeping Due to a scheduling conflict, there will be no Rap for Friday, Sept. 15. Ask Fleck will run as usual.

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