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Stocks Attempt To Decline, But Fail Miserably

Daily Rap 02-24-2017

In a "shocking" development, the stock market was actually about 0.5% lower right out of the blocks today, but then the Bubbleonians remembered that the indices are only meant to go higher, so they spent the rest of the day eradicating the red ink and turning equity prices slightly green.

Away from stocks, green paper was mixed, fixed income was aggressively higher, and the metals gained ground as well, with silver adding about 0.75% to gold's 0.5%. Meanwhile, the mining stocks just continue to mill around.

Rest Stop? Or Rally Top? As I have noted, it is possible, given the big run the miners have had off the lows, that they have been forced to digest those gains while waiting for higher gold prices. However, it is also possible...more

Last year's posts for Ask Fleck

Q: Hi Bill,
Longtime reader, grateful student. Marijuana stocks have been melting up in the last few months. Is this a sector of the market that you might considering trading long or investing in?

Fleck: I know nothing about it, sorry.
(posted: 2/23/2017)

Q: 2nd Question - Do you find the daily volatility in the 10 Yr treasury yield way out of its normal range and what are you hearing as to the root cause of these intraday price fluctuations?

Fleck: No, so nothing.
(posted: 2/23/2017)

Q: I keep thinking about this...

"Stocks have reached a permanently high plateau"

Fleck: A huge bloodbath will happen again, sad to say.
(posted: 2/23/2017)

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