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Chips Ahoy!

Daily Rap 04-21-2017

The indices flopped around unchanged through midday, and in the afternoon the indices drifted slightly lower on the day.

They're Flying Onto the Shelves It is worth pointing out that last night semiconductor manufacturer Maxim had to admit that there is excess inventory as a consequence of the slowing in auto sales and the build-up of inventory in that sector. That is in addition to data points from Qualcomm and others that indicate saturation and a budding inventory problem for cell phones. And I'm sure everyone already knows that PCs are basically nowhere.

I bring this up to note that the semiconductor food chain is uniquely situated for trouble, as bulls continue to ignore any and all problems in the belief that everything will be just fine. It will not...more

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Q: Bill-- a follow-on to the "about $25 down but think we could rally $75ish up" guy. Your service is helping bolster my "moral courage" NOT to trade when I don't understand what is going on, or know I lack an edge, but want to be in anyway. This is priceless.


Fleck: Not taking positions is hard to do, but extremely important to making money.
(posted: 4/21/2017)

Q: Bill, NFLX looks like it could be rolling over here. Is it on your radar from the short side?

Fleck: Nope.
(posted: 4/21/2017)

Q: Just finished watching a PBS documentary on life in the universe hosted by Stephen Hawking. The number of stars in our galaxy is estimated to be 300 billion. Our (cash basis) national debt is approximately 20 trillion.

What is wrong with this picture?

Fleck: Enormous numbers are hard to really comprehend.
(posted: 4/21/2017)

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