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Daily Rap 01-15-2021

The stock market was a sea of red for a change, with the indices off about 1% in the first couple of hours. From there they traded in a wide range and finished a little above the early lows.

Away from stocks, green paper was higher, as was fixed income, while the metals were thumped, with silver losing 3% and gold 1%. The miners were very heavy once again.

Dangerous Curves Behind On a related topic, Bitcoin was also aggressively lower. For what it's worth, my friend who had intended to sell it this week did so. Whether what we've just witnessed was the end of the parabola or not we really won't know until we see how it trades in the next couple of weeks -- not that it matters directly to anyone, but just in terms of general market education...more

Last year's posts for Ask Fleck

Q: Thank you for the effort you put into writing your daily rap. My question pertains to silver. How does the future increase in electric vehicles impact the silver supply vs future demand?

Fleck: It should be quite bullish.
(posted: 1/15/2021)

Q: I am a CPA who will be retiring soon. I was thinking of studying to become a CFA. Do you think there is any value in learning what CFA's know?

Fleck: No - none at all, especially these days.
(posted: 1/15/2021)

Q: Bill,

Always appreciate your views and comments. What wine do you recommend with BBQ? :-)

Fleck: Ridge Zinfandel or a southern Rhone wine - depends on your taste.
(posted: 1/15/2021)

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