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Stock Mania Rages On

Daily Rap 01-17-2018

The early going saw the market gain about 0.5% pretty much across the board, as yesterday's reversal amounted to a whole lot of nothing. Beneath the surface, tech regained its red-hotness, particularly semis, despite the continued evidence of poor results on the part of Apple. In the afternoon the market kept on ramping higher, as the major indices all gained about 1%.

Away from stocks, green paper was stronger, especially versus the yen and euro, oil was a nonevent, fixed income was lower, and the metals were just ever-so-slightly weaker until a late day selloff took them lower by 1%.

The Chain Letter Postman Only Rings Once In crypto land, pain was handed out once again, with Bitcoin trading as low as $9,500 and the cryptocurrency market cap falling...more

Last year's posts for Ask Fleck

Q: King World News: Bill Fleckenstein Interview 1:12:2018

Fleck: I did an interview with Eric King last Friday. Here is the link.
(posted: 1/16/2018)

Q: Here's a brief interview with a crypto-creator who thinks it's insane.

The money quote:
"It says a lot about the state of the cryptocurrency space in general that a currency with a dog on it which hasn't released a software update in over 2 years has a $1B+ market cap,"

Remember Dogecoin? The joke currency soared to $2 billion this weekend

Fleck: Exactly!
(posted: 1/16/2018)

Q: Hi Bill,

About two years ago you started subscribing to MSA. Do you find it useful with respect to general market timing (long/hold/sell/short) and/or specific sectors (commodities, mining, technology, etc.)?
I assume MSA is all macro and not individual company analysis.

Now the hard question, any wine recommendations under $20?


Fleck: Yes, to the macro, though he has various sector WRFs he follows, too. He has been nothing short of amazing. No, sorry, the wines I like cost more.
(posted: 1/16/2018)

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