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To Repeat: "Dislocations R Us"

Daily Rap 11-12-2018

Today's headline refers to the fact that, as I have noted often (for a variety of previously discussed reasons), I feel the market is very brittle, and I have believed there would be no real backdoor when it was time for stocks to decline. It has now become fairly commonplace that, when companies stumble, they get slaughtered, whereas in the past it would have been extremely unlikely to see a multitude of mega-cap companies all gapping in a meaningful way.

Drop and Give Us 50 One need look no further than Pacific Gas and Electric, which at one point was down about 30% today, making it about a 50% decline in three days (that is quite a lot for any company, let alone a big utility). Of course, that was something of an anomaly given it was...more

Last year's posts for Ask Fleck

Q: Hello Mr. Fleckenstein,
Did you see a good reason for spanking WDO?

Fleck: No, none.
(posted: 11/9/2018)

Q: From your Ask Fleck response: “"Declining asset prices" is not deflation.” But do the deflationists understand that? Whenever I read their arguments they seem to get the basic meaning wrong, BTW, looooong time subscriber.

Fleck: No, they don't get that at all.
(posted: 11/9/2018)

Q: Fleck,

Also, does this drop in oil prices help the miners to a considerable extent?


Fleck: Helps some more than others, depending on the power source, but I think "considerable" is a stretch.
(posted: 11/9/2018)

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