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Massive Monetization Means Never Having to Make Any Sense

Daily Rap 04-17-2020

The futures took off last night on the hope that a leaked report from a Gilead trial for its drug remdesivir would turn out to be an effective treatment in fighting Covid-19 (perhaps Trump's press conference promising that states would soon be opening up boosted the mood a little as well).

It Needs Time to Cure From what I read, by people who know a lot more about biotechnology than I do, this may be a premature celebration. Not that the drug won't be helpful, but it does seem unlikely that it would be the panacea that many folks are hoping for.

Nonetheless, by midday the market was about 2% higher after having been about 3% higher. The Nasdaq dogged it a little thanks to Apple being heavy (due to a Goldman Sachs...more

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Q: an article on Taleb's thoughts and data on Covid 19

Taleb: The Only Man Who Has A Clue

Fleck: I skimmed this. Not much new that I saw. I have a hard time with Taleb because, while he is a very smart guy, I cannot abide his arrogance.
(posted: 4/17/2020)

Q: Fleck

If we have a therapeutic fix for the virus, silver could outperform given its industrial use. Would you bet large on PAAS or maybe AGQ?

Fleck: I don't understand how silver benefits from a virus fix automatically when it didn't before, ex. money printing of course. But I only care about two silver stocks: PAAS and SILV.
(posted: 4/17/2020)

Q: There are reports that PC sales are up due to everyone working from home due to shelter-in-place. Do you see this as a one time gain, so the semis will still be vulnerable later in the year?

Fleck: Fred Hickey has stated this is happening. I doubt it is sustainable, but let's see. We don't have to decide now.
(posted: 4/17/2020)

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