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The Mania Chronicles: Reflections of a Skeptic through the Mania and Beyond

I have been writing my Market Rap since the fall of 1996 (first for Silicon Investor, then for Grant's, and then for RealMoney), and have copies of most Raps since 1997. A few years ago, a woman named Molly Evans approached me about compiling these into book form, which I thought might be an interesting idea. We (mostly Molly) worked on the project for some time but never completed it, as I saw no way to write a comprehensive book about the mania and its aftermath — using the front-row seat of the Rap as my guide — until the period actually looked to be ending. Thus far it hasn't, witness the ongoing denial that carried through 2001 and 2002, and now the mini-replay of the mania under way. It won't be until these hopes and dreams are dashed, most likely in 2004, that it might be possible to see how to complete the project, if I actually decide to undertake the task.

The chapters are in PDF format for easy printing (to download right click and choose "save target as").