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Search tips

Entering terms
  • Keep it simple. If you're looking for a particular company or term, just enter its name.
  • Think how the Rap or Ask Fleck you are looking for might be written. A search engine is not a human, it is a program that matches the words you give to Rap or Ask Fleck.
  • Use the words that are most likely to appear in the article or a single day of Ask Fleck
  • Describe what you need with as few terms as possible.
  • Choose descriptive words. The more unique the word is the more likely you are to get relevant results.
Phrase search
  • By putting double quotes around a set of words ("search terms"), you are telling the search engine to consider the exact words in that exact order without any change. By insisting on phrase search you might be missing good results accidentally. For example, a search for "gold ratio" (with quotes) will miss the pages that refer to "gold/silver ratio". Here, a search for just ratio might return more results.
Viewing the results
  • The list of results can be sorted by score or by date. The score is determined by the number of times the search term appears in the article and in the case of the Rap, or if the search term is contained in the title.
  • Clicking on a result takes you to the article or daily Ask Fleck containing the results. Scroll down the page looking for the highlighted search term(s) to find the exact location of the result.
  • Use the back button to go back to your result list. Entering a new search term is like starting over. Look through the top 5 or 10 results by date or by score to find the relevant information.